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As we look to South Dakota's future, I'm commited to-

  • Sustain Success
  • Confront Challenges
  • Deliver Results

Dear District 13 voters,

Thank you for your trust in allowing me to represent you in the South Dakota Senate. I’m asking for your vote again this Fall. My experience in the legislature serving on House Education and Health & Human Services, and now on Senate Appropriations has reinforced my commitment to you that as we spend your tax dollars, results matter! Tax policy and public policy that promote job growth and efficiencies in government will continue to be my focus.

  1. Sustain the Successes by continuing the policies that make South Dakota the top climate in the nation for business and job growth.

    (U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation) South Dakota’s future success depends on policy decisions that continue to limit government bureaucracy, protect our individual rights & freedoms, and retain our low & predictable tax policy.

  2. Confront our Challenges by targeting spending on solutions that work.

    Serving on Senate Appropriations has given me a unique and close-up perspective of the challenges South Dakota experiences and the opportunities that lie before us. To effectively confront our challenges we need to set our goals and then target our spending on solutions that work.

    • All students graduate from high school, prepared for college or career opportunities. (In 2013, the graduation rate for all SD students was 83%; our 49% graduation rate for our American Indian students represents a critical education challenge.)
    • Eliminate South Dakota’s labor shortage in both highly skilled and science & technology professions to continue to grow South Dakota’s economy.
    • Efficiently manage our Medicaid spending to take care of our most vulnerable South Dakotans and yet not crowd out our other State priorities. With 116,000 currently on Medicaid & CHIP (80,000 of those are children), these medical services account for the fastest growth in State spending.
    • Enhance citizen’s safety and reduce prison spending with programs that hold criminals more accountable.
  3. Deliver Results by ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of State government’s spending.

    My legislative experience on both Appropriations & the oversight Government Operations and Audit committees reinforces my commitment to you that State government will be accountable for results. South Dakota’s $4.3 billion budget has to truly serve you.

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